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Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises


Mediterranean Sea from Barcelona, Civitavecchia, Venice and Athens.

Northern Europe from Dover, Southampton and Copenhagen.

Japan from Yokohama.

Asia from Bangkok to Beijing / from Beijing to Singapur / from Yokohama to Singapur.

Panama from Miami.

South America from Santiago de Chile to Buenos Aires / from Rio de Janeiro to Santiago de Chile.

Caribbean from Miami / Galveston.

Alaska from Vancouver / Seattle / San Francisco.

Canada & New England from New York / Quebec.

Pacific Islands: Polinesia / Hawaii & Tahiti / Fiji & Vanuatu.

Round the world from Sydney.


– Royal Princess

– Caribbean, Crown, Emerald and Ruby Princess

– Diamond and Sapphire Princess

– Golden, Grand and Star Princess

– Dawn, Sea and Sun Princess

– Coral and Island Princess

– Ocean and Pacific Princess