Tag: Day Trips

Tabarca Island

Tabarca Island. On June 19th 2018, in an early departure we will take a coach, then a boat, to the island of Tabarca, a small island off the coast of Alicante.

Discover Almeria

Discover Almeria. Day-trip on April 17th to discover this sea-city with a long history. You can visit the shelters built in Almería in the civil war, explore an old Moorish castle (Alcazaba) from the X century or give a stroll in the center of this unique city.

The Wine-Horse Festival of Caravaca

The Wine-Horse Festival of Caravaca - May 2nd 2018 Just as on every year, this year we will go to Caravaca de la Cruz, to enjoy their annual Wine Horse festival.

Valencia Fallas Festival

Valencia Fallas Festival. On March 18th 2018. Full day to admire the painted statues and the "mascletá" fireworks display.

Lorca Easter Parades

Lorca Easter Parades 2018. Dragontours can reserve your seats at this absolutely stunning and unique parade. March 30th 2018.

Private tours

Private tours

Do you have a family visit? Would you like to organize a special outing for everyone? Perhaps you belong to a wine club and would like to go all together to taste wine and tour some wineries in …