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Benidorm Market Day

Benidorm Market Day DATE: JULY 25th - 19 € PER PERSON A full day there, with many options. Market or Chill-out day, you choose.

Discover Almeria

Discover Almeria. Day-trip on October 9th to discover this sea-city with a long history. You can visit the shelters built in Almería in the civil war, explore an old Moorish castle (Alcazaba) from the X century or give a stroll in the center of this unique city.

Tabarca Island

Tabarca Island. On September 5th 2018, in an early departure we will take a coach, then a boat, to the island of Tabarca, a small island off the coast of Alicante.

Roman Battle – Great Festival of Carthage and Rome!

Roman Battle Friday September 21st 2018 Come to the great battle between the forces of Rome and Carthage. Included reserved seats.

Wine Tour – The Harvest and wine stomping

In September 2018, Dragontours is planning a trip to the wineries in Jumilla. A tour of one of the prettiest wineries in the area, then we can have a look at the Archeological Museum. Then there will be free time for lunch. After lunch we will have a visit to an olive press and we will visit the Franciscan monastery overlooking the city.

Mojacar Evening-trip

Mojacar Evening-trip 26TH JULY 2018 This is an afternoon-evening trip to enjoy this special time of the year, with luck we will be watching the “Perseides” star-shower known in Spanish as the Tears of Saint Laurence.We will return late night.

Private tours

Private tours

Do you have a family visit? Would you like to organize a special outing for everyone? Perhaps you belong to a wine club and would like to go all together to taste wine and tour some wineries in …