The Wine-Horse Festival of Caravaca


The Wine-Horse Festival of Caravaca

May 2nd

Just as on every year, this year we will go to Caravaca de la Cruz, to enjoy their annual Wine Horse festival.  Not only is Caravaca a holy city, where according to legend a piece of the “True Cross” is guarded in the Church, the city also has one of the most popular and beautiful festivals. Horses are dressed in embroidered finery, paraded through the town, and finally, compete against one another in a race to the castle.

A day full of imagination and emotions.

This trip includes return coach from Mazarrón area from Camposol, Port of Mazarrón, Mazarrón, Bolnuevo, Country Club & Condado de Alhama to Caravaca.  Includes Travel Insurance.


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